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“We Cannot Control the Future. Destiny is Not in Our Hands: It is in Our Customers’. The Changes in Their Needs, Desires and Expectations Will Tell Us Where to Go. We Must Observe the Events, Analyze the Trends, Look for Evidence of Change and Translate Them Into Opportunities.”

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Sri Krishna Retail Fixtures revolutionize the shopping experience with decades of expertise in developing versatile retail displays. Their shopfitting systems cater to every need, offering customizable solutions for walls and mid-floor areas. With a wide range of display racks, including those compatible with monitors, back-lit signs, and electronic price tags, they seamlessly integrate digital elements to enhance the customer journey. Available in custom colors and sizes, Sri Krishna's racks can be delivered nationwide through their extensive logistics network.

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Design Phase

We collaborate closely with our design team to craft furniture concepts, involving sketching, 3D modeling, and material selection. Your preferences are key in shaping the design to match your vision.

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Skilled artisans in our workshop bring the designs to life. Each piece is carefully handcrafted with attention to detail. We use traditional techniques and modern technology to ensure precision.

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Quality Control

Before any piece leaves our workshop, it goes through a rigorous quality control process. We inspect every component to ensure it meets our quality standards for strength, durability, and aesthetics.

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Product installation

We provide efficient retail fixtures installation, maximizing space utilization and aesthetic appeal. Our experienced team ensures swift assembly, delivering a polished presentation for your retail environment.

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    Guided by the principle that "People are just as extraordinary as they believe themselves to be," Venkatesan Panneer emerges as a remarkably accomplished serial entrepreneur with an unwavering drive and a forward-looking mindset. He is characterized by his audacity to envision the seemingly impossible and his adeptness at turning it into a thriving enterprise. Beyond his professional endeavors, he delights in immersing himself in music or unwinding with loved ones amidst picturesque destinations worldwide.
Venkatesan Panneer

Director - (Marketing)

    Driven by the guiding principle - "Every individual holds boundless potential within," Suresh Bramachari emerges as a highly accomplished serial entrepreneur, driven by ceaseless ambition and an unwavering focus. He is defined by his fearless pursuit of the extraordinary and his knack for transforming challenges into triumphs. Away from the hustle, he finds joy in the melodies of music or enjoys cherished moments with loved ones amidst the beauty of exotic locales worldwide.
Suresh Bramachari

Director - (Design)


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